The Produce Market is all about giving small producers centre stage and give them a platform to show off their products and be found online. It might be locally, or might be someone further afield, but we give producers the opportunity to market their products, make connections and share their story with people with people that may have never normally found them.


We would like to use this blog to let producers share even more with you - their stories, their journeys, their passions, recipes, advice and other resources. We want to help you to connect with where your food comes from and see what goes in to producing good quality food. We want to inspire future generations of small producers. We want to celebrate the products that our wonderful small producers sell and educate everyone about the importance of supporting these producers and eating good food.


Here in the U.K. we have food that is rich in diversity, heritage and tradition, we have delicious sustainable seasonal produce we should all be enjoying, meat that is produced to the highest standards of animal welfare and some of the best fish and shellfish in the world. Our producers don’t sell mass produced products, they make, grow or catch their products on a small scale and often to order, all focussing on sustainability and quality using the best ingredients. Some things are more expensive, we understand that, and we want to let you share an insight into the lengths these producers go to bring you such amazing products. Let’s celebrate our producers and support them in every way we can.


In these pages you can follow the journeys of some of our producers throughout the year, from fishermen and farmers to bakers and brewers. We have stories of how some of our producers got to where they are today and articles sharing the passions of farmers and fishermen supporting their industries in the U.K. We also have guest articles from nutritionists and chefs highlighting the links between good food and good health and sharing their recipes using wonderful seasonal British food. The resources section will also have an array of information for producers and those aspiring to one day sell your own produce too.


If you are a producer and would like us to share your story or follow your journey through the year, or a chef with a recipe to share featuring wonderful British ingredients please get in touch and we would love to hear from you.