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Wild Foods

Freshly tapped British birch sap straight from the silver birch trees in our local woods. This is the season when 'the lady of the woods is weeping' and it doesn't last long. Birch sap is subtly sweet and refreshing.100ml..
Crab apples are a little smaller than the apples you'll find in the shop, but they are full of flavour and very tart, great for jams and jellies or gobbling down whole.1 pot of minimum 50 crab apples..
In Europe dandelion leaves are commonly eaten, as they were in Britain in earlier centuries. They seem to be having something of a resurgence of late – reappearing on restaurant menus around the country and adding their bitter flavour to a plethora of dishes.Their roots can go as deep as four feet, ..
Atlantic Wakame seaweed leaves have a spinach-like mineral flavour that are the idea addition to soups and salads.Uses: Soak in hot water for 10 mins before draining. Add to salads, sandwiches or pizzas. Or rinse and add directly into fish pies, soups, stews, omelettes, and rice dishes. Or as an eas..
The chanterelle, or girolle as it is sometimes known, can be used to flavour your wild mushroom risotto and as a delicious mushroom stock. Just leave in boiling water for an hour or so to soften!20g..
Tasty red seaweed known as 'the vegan bacon'. Seaweeds are becoming ever more prominent due to their known health benefits and unique flavours. Dulse is commonly eaten in Ireland as a crispy snack.30g..
Hogweed is a plant of hedgerows, field margins, and woodland edges. It is a relative of celery, parsnip, and angelica. The flavour of the seeds is suggestive of oranges, coriander seed, and cardamom. The seed is widely used in Iran, where it is known as golpar, as well as in Iraq and Syria..
Mugwort is one of several aromatic plants in the Daisy family and a close relative to both Wormwood, which is used to flavour absinthe, and the herb tarragon. Herb with musky, menthol like aromatic quality. Infuse in water, either hot or cold, as base for sweet or savoury sauce. Use to flavour ..
Dried sea lettuce can be snacked on or added to soups, smoothies, stirs. It is full of iron and other minerals.20g..
A mix of at least three seaweeds, which can be added to stocks, broths, or sprinkled to add a salty crunch to stir-fries, or just snacked on for a tasty treat.20g minimum..
Found all around the British coastline. We think this seaweed makes the most wonderful stock - a deep, rich and almost meaty flavour.30g..
A unique floral flavoured vinegar dressing. Elderflower has been a native spice since Norman times, its complex of aromatic compounds give a unique floral flavour. It has traditionally been used as a cold and flu relief. Add to dressings such as mayonnaise, to chicken gravy and other sauces.Ingredie..
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