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PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS NOTICE WHEN ORDERING1 x 7ox Prime fillet steak. Deliciously flavourful and very tender when cooked and rested properly. Can be cooked over intense flames of the grill and still remain juicy, The classic steak.Image is for website purposes only and not representative of the exac..
One x Aubrey Allen prime 7oz sirloin steak (may come frozen)Aubrey Allen’s sustainable grass fed beef is only selected from British beef-suckler herds to specific classification and purchased whole to retain consistency. This helps place their product in the top 1% of beef in the world!Image is for ..
Burgers from grass-fed beef, comes in packs of 10Great for bbq or grilling...
1 x 10ox rib eye steak (frozen)considered to be one of the most flavoursome steaks, cut from the rib...
2 x Free range English duck breasts (frozen), Merrifield Farm, Devon. Approx pack weight 400g.Image for website purposes only...
A large and varied selection of meat for everyday meals from breakfast to dinner, chosen with care from the best ethical farmers and professionally crafted and frozen in handy portion pouches.please allow 48 hours. Product InformationBox Contains:Rump Steak 2 x 227gRolled Topside of Beef 1 x 1...
Back bacon is the loin from larger pigs and the leanest of all the bacon cuts. Our bacon is dry cured for 14 days and has just enough fat for flavour. Rind on and medium thickness to give you proper bacon that crisps in the pan.250 gm pack contains 6-8 rashers..
Cut from the loin which has been dry cured the same way as our back bacon rashers. A juicy hunk of bacon best grilled.Pack contains 2 x 250gm bacon chops...
These dry cured bacon bits are diced ready for use in a variety of meals. They are ideal for pasta dishes, soups, casseroles and quiches.Pack contains 500gm..
A selection of award winning pork products suited for both Barbeque and conventional cooking.Contains :500 gm meaty ribs500 gm pork sausages2 loin steaks - 400 gm2 pork chops - 500 gm4 pork and apple burgers500 gm pork tenderloin medallionsALLERGENS : WHEAT, GLUTEN ,SULPHITES, SOYA..
Handy 500g pouch of frozen beef mince from grass fed beef, perfect for slow cooked dishes like bolognese sauce, cottage pie & mince, potato & onion stew...
The belly joint is boned and rolled ready for roasting. This cut will give yousucculent tasty meat, melting fat and superb crackling. Why not try stuffing it with various fillings to produce an even better eating experience.Available in sizes 1kg - 4 kg..
Hand cut belly slices, fantastic for an easy meal and ideal for the barbecue.Contains 4 slices each weighing 150 gm. Total pack weight 600 gm..
Cut from bone in belly. The skin is left on and scored for great crackling. These are a real treat with plenty of “good” fat to keep them juicy and full of flavour.Contains 2 squares each weighing 500gm. Pack weight 1 kg..
Great British smoked bacon sourced from local farms.200g per pack...
Delicious pork and chorizo sausages made with pork and natural casings.Sold in packs of 500 grams ( 6 sausages )ALLERGENS : WHEAT, GLUTEN , SULPHITES..
Perfect stewing steak, hand diced beef from the sub prime cut known as chuck, commonly used for braising & stews for its richness of flavour & balance of meat & fat.Comes frozen in handy 500g pouches...
This box is a treat for a lazy Sunday brunch or perfect for weekends away.Contains:250gm Unsmoked dry cured back bacon250gm Smoked dry cured back bacon1 kg Traditional pork sausages300gm Cornish hog's puddingALLERGENS : WHEAT, GLUTEN, SULPHITES..
Our Frozen Organic, 100% grass fed bones are perfect for making broth and stock. Each box contains approximately 10kg of marrow bones. All bones will arrive vacuum packed and will be posted to you frozen as bones have a very short shelf life. All bones are packaged ready for the freezer. &..
This box is perfect for your family staples, such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Chilli Con Carne, Lasagne and home made Burgers. This box contains: 6 x 500g packets of Beef Mince. 2 x 1kg packets of Beef Mince. * Please note that images are for illustrative purpose only. * All wei..
This top selling box contains a selection of roasting joints, steaks, mince and slow cook cuts perfect for a Family.  This box includes: 2 x Roasting Joints 1x Slow Roast Joint2 x Packets of Steak (Rump or Sirloin - 2 steak in each packet)3 x 500g Packets of Mince 1 x 500g Packet..
This box is perfect for people who love to slow cook Beef This box contains: 1 x Roasting Joint1 x Slow Roast Joint 3 x 500g Mince 3 x 500g Braising Steak 2 x 500g Stewing Steak 2 x 500g Shin * Please note that images are for illustrative purpose only. * All w..
This box is perfect for Couples.This box contains:1 x Roasting Joint2 x Packets of Steak (Rump or Sirloin - 2 Steaks in each packet)2 x 500g Packets of Mince 1 x 500g Stewing Steak1 x 500g Braising Steak or Shin* Please note that images are for illustrative purpose only. * All weights are ..
These sausages are made with the finest cuts of pork and just the right amount of cracked black pepper for a great tasting sausage.Traditionally made with natural casings these are great with mash and onion gravy.Sold in 500 gm packs (approx 6 sausages per packALLERGENS: WHEAT, GLUTEN, SULPHITES..
Delicious herby pork sausage with a higher meat content than many others. Traditionally hand made using the finest cuts of pork and seasonings.Delicious served hot or cold.Sold in 500gm packs ( approx 6 sausages per pack )ALLERGENS : WHEAT, ZcumbetGLUTEN, SULPHITES..
Delicious honey glazed pork loin cooked and cured in Dorset.Ready to eat.Perfect addition to salads, ploughmans, or perhaps warmed through for home cooked roast dinner...
Diced Pork or Pork cubes are great for winter casseroles kebabs or goulash. Pork shoulder is trimmed and cubed with no extra preparation required.Pack size 500 grams..
Succulent gammon cubed. Ideal for kebabs or in pies and hotpots.Pack contains 500 gm...
500g packTaken from the haunch (back leg) of the animal, our Wild diced venison is a versatile option for stews, casseroles (see our recipe here) and curries. Perfect for flavoursome comfort food.Availability: All year roundSuitable for freezing..
A selection of award winning pork products suitable for both barbeque or conventional cooking.Contains :1 kg meaty ribs1 kg pork sausages4 loin steaks - 800 gm4 pork chops - 1 kg8 pork and apple burgers500 gm diced pork500 gm tenderloin medallionsALLERGENS: WHEAT, GLUTEN, SULPHITES, SOYA..
Cotswold white free-range chicken approximately 1.4kg.Ethically reared, slow growing breed that is reared for 50% longer than mass produced birds. This results in a succulent free range chicken with wonderful flavour, texture and tastes likes chicken.Naturally reared by Robert Caldecott on his farm ..
With the chine bone removed for easy carving the French trimmed cutlet bones remain in place.This not only looks impressive but also adds to the flavour whilst cooking. The fat is scored to produce great crackling.Available in sizes 1 kg - 3 kg..
Gluten free pork Chipolatas that do not compromise on taste in any way. Hand made from the finest pork cuts with natural skins these Chipolatas are ideal for anyone suffering from a gluten intolerance.Pack size 500 grams (approx 12 sausages )ALLERGENS: SULPHITES..
Gluten free sausagemeat that doesn’t compromise on taste in any way. Made from the finest pork cuts this product is ideal for anyone suggesting with a gluten intolerance.Sold in 500 gram packs.ALLERGENS: SULPHITES..
Gluten free pork sausages that do not compromise on taste in any way. Hand made from the finest pork cuts with natural skins these sausages are ideal for anyone suffering from a Gluten intolerance.Sold in 500 gram packs ( approx 6 sausages )ALLERGENS: SULPHITES..
The best cut for pulled pork. The hand is below the shoulder and comes complete with bone to ensure it remains moist during cooking...
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